A sneak peak at my next novel...



A story about a journey of self-discovery, and rejuvenation.

From the picturesque mountain village of Gilalong, to the almost wild town of Bourke in New South Wales, we join four country ladies on a mission to help a lost child but along the way they rediscover something they had all lost a long time ago.


    “I’ll have a dozen pegs as well as the clothes’ prop, thank you,” Edith Reed said, noticing a delighted smile dawn on the man’s weatherworn face. Probably doesn’t sell a lot, she thought, props aren’t something you need to replace unless the fork breaks.

     “That’ll be one and nine, luv.”

     “You better give me one of those rabbits while you’re at it, I just fancy a nice stew.” She could almost taste the succulent meat, having been deprived of this week’s ration by Blackie, who happened upon the butcher’s package while Edith was bringing in the washing.

     “I’ve got just the one for ya, darl; young and tender.” The man deftly removed the fattest, still flexile rabbit from a string of assorted of game.

     “I’ll get your hot water while you’re doing that,” Edith said, disappearing inside the house.

      Appraising the lump of day old damper sitting on the breadboard, she decided he’d probably be glad of something to go with his tea. She cut off the dried end and wrapped the remainder in greaseproof paper.

     “Here you go,” she said, and exchanged the steaming Billy can and damper for the fresh, plump rabbit...

Four Ladies of Gilalong is a work in progress so I will be updating you as I go. Please call back from time to time to see how these four fabulous women progress.